Entrepreneur Advisors

We help our members close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

We accomplish this together by working to:

1. Identify your WHY.
2. Develop your strategic business OBJECTIVES.
3. Build your organizational CULTURE in a way that aligns with your why and business objectives.
4. Create a business STRATEGY that profitably provides value to your clients.
5. LEAD your team with a servant’s heart.
6. Stay FOCUSED on the tactical implementation of your strategy with the right MINDSET.
7. Take OWNERSHIP of your results.

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We review all membership applications to ensure all new Villepreneur members are small business owners or will be opening a business within the next 12 months. Our organization is for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, and we are focused on serving our community well by maintaining an exclusive membership base of Louisville area entrepreneurs.

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